What's your chai personality? It has got to be one of these

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By Aditi Singh,  Hindustan Times

NEW DELHI -- Tea breaks, tea parties, tea rounds, for some people, any excuse is a good one to have a steaming hot cuppa. Step out with chai lovers, and you would notice that each of them has a particular preference - some like their tea 'kadak' (strong), some sans milk, and many others with a hint of peppermint. Does this reveal something about them? Oh, yes!

We got in touch with tea experts Anamika Singh and Vikram Mittal, who shared that tea personalities can be broadly compartmentalised into seven types.


Earl grey fans like to be the centre of attention. They are perceived as snobs by the non-earl grey fans. But the way they see themselves is more like they have standards. They like to add their individual touch to everything they do. You can spot an earl grey fan by just looking at their expensive bone china cup. And oh, they never put sugar in their tea, it's a strict no-no!

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Green tea drinkers are all about positive vibes; they are cheerful and stay away from anything they consider negative. Green tea aficionados can be classified as fitness enthusiasts. The only way they relax or feel alive is when they sip on green tea after a workout or a yoga session.


'Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all'? It's the one with a cup of blue tea. These tea drinkers are extremely conscious about their looks. They take pride in their vanity. Even a slight pimple on their face is enough to mar their confidence. They leave no stone unturned to look and stay young forever.

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Masala chai lovers are extrovert and entertainers - they add the masala to the party. They also have a propensity to drama so, it's no surprise to see them acting as dramaqueens. However, with them, there is never a dull moment as they love to spice things up.


Suave, classy and always chilled out, that's peppermint tea drinkers for you! They're zoned out in their own world. They don't care about what's happening around them. No matter, how stressful the situation, they are as cool as ice. They are immune to anxiety. It's all about soothing vibes with them.


Some people are legit lazy (Who are we kidding? Most of us are). However, there are some who are exactly the opposite of that. Hyperactive and always the on the move like an energizer bunny, black tea drinkers never stand still. They are always occupied with something. They are vivacious and curious by nature.


Quiet and shy, but wise nonetheless. White tea drinkers are introverts who like their own space. Parties and socialising don't stimulate them. What gets them going are conversations that challenge their intellect. White tea drinkers are the ones you can turn to for advice; they are the shoulder for you to cry on.

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